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Microsoft software containing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote for documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and emails

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    Office Suites

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    Home and Business 2010

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 10

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    6.6 (14612)

As with every upgrade of Microsoft’s Office suite, the first thing you wonder is if you actually need it. In this instance, you will definitely want to upgrade. Office 2010 offers a distinct advantage in both performance and convenience and can assist in increasing overall productivity.

Microsoft Office 2010 lacks the learning curve that came with Office 2007. That version came with new ribbons and interfaces that left a lot of users confused and frustrated. Most people are now more comfortable with this layout, coming to realize it helped simplify menus throughout the Office apps. For the first time, Excel, PowerPoint and Word had menus that looked the same, which made sense.

By adding the ability to design custom tabs for the most often used tabs, Office 2010 gets high marks for actually delivering an improvement on ribbon system used in the previous suite. It could still use some enhancement, as it currently only offers the customization of a small set of icons. Still, it is a great start towards giving users a streamlined set of tools that works best for them. These customized ribbons can also be exported to other systems without the need to rebuild them.

Office 2010 has an arrow that can be clicked on to turn the ribbon off and on. Hiding the ribbon in Office 2007 was only an option if you clicked on it and many had a hard time figuring out how to get it back. Microsoft 2010 also adds new keyboard shortcuts that once required the mouse. The "Backstage View" is a welcome addition. It places standard File options on an expansive menu, as opposed to the little circle found in the upper left hand corner in the previous version.

Office 2010 also offers a great set of photo and video editing tools. You can actually work directly on video in PowerPoint, and the background removal tool saves a lot of time. It essentially determines foreground and background and allows for refinement. There is also an updated equation editor with exceptional mathematical typography available in Word and PowerPoint. Both Word and Publisher offer unique looks with OpenType typographic options that were once only accessible via Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Outlook 2010 also has its share of marked upgrades. There is an improvement in speed when creating messages. The "Quick Steps" feature allows multiple operations with one click. You can even create your own Quick Step operations, which means that you can store, delete or reply to messages with just a Quick Step. Outlook 2010 also has a Social Connector, which you can use to link Outlook to social media platforms. Staying up to date on status and activities of contacts has never been easier.


  • The unification in the ribbon interface throughout all apps is a big plus.
  • Backstage makes file management simpler and improves printing options.
  • The ability to edit video and graphics are a major advancement.


  • For some reason, Microsoft doesn’t offer a discount for upgrades. That means anyone interested in utilizing Office 2010 is going to have to pay full price.
  • Word still does not allow the storing of printing options.
  • Outlook will not print a single page of any email.

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